The company is in the process of constructing an industrial wood pellet factory in South Kalimantan. The initial production capacity is 5.000 ton per month and expandable into a 10.000 ton per month. The company has obtained security of feedstock supply from Forest Management Units and some State Owned Forestry Companies in South Kalimantan, under the supervision of Ministry of Environment and Forestry based on national laws and regulations

The Company also plans to develop a activated carbon charcoal industry from brackets coal, sub bituminous coal and other related wood charcoal. The Company is now still in process of securing the feedstock materials for the above mentioned charcoal industry.

The Company has an investment principal approval from West Sumatera Provincial Government of Indonesia to develop a 30MW of biomass power plant, and build an activated charcoal factory and other related renewable energy business.

In order to ensure the smooth flowing development process, the Company invites any strategic partnership who can bring a package of technology and financing to join the projects with reasonable term and condition. The Company is open for any communications of any commercial structure based on mutual interests for all parties.