PT SOLUSI LIMBAH ENERGI (“the Company”), registered in Jakarta Indonesia, is an Indonesian leading green energy company that focuses on providing clean, green,  lower carbon intensity products and services. The Company has some areas of expertise in the field of renewable energy through reuse, recycling and recover process. It is a producer of biomass products such as wood pellets and chip from various plants species within Indonesian forest. The Waste to Energy projects are also another focus of the Company assisting local Government to reduce their municipal transforming into energy product.  The Company has also a technology to recover tailing from mining industry to be reused as construction materials.

Water management process is another field of expertise of the Company. collaborating with a prestigious technology provider from Europe. This aims to help people living in remote areas to fulfil their need of clean water supply. The Company also provides advisory for various energy efficiency and conservation issues aiming to reduce carbon foot prints in Indonesia.

The Company has an agreement with a Waste to Energy Technology provider from Europe which has been recognised worldwide and has developed more than 120 Waste to Energy plants around the world. This Waste to Energy technology has been  has been awarded as the Best Green Technology Available by European Commission for Environment and Climate Change.

For this purpose, The Company has intensively approached some cities in Indonesia who produces more that 1000 ton municipal waste per day such as Jakarta City, Bandung City, Makassar City, Medan City, Manado City and Padang City.  Some MoU’s has been signed to developed Waste to Energy plants in Indonesia.

The Company is also expanding its advisory business through efficiency and energy conservation issues. The company has a certified assessor for energy and environment management system based on Indonesia national standard.  Some advisory works have been pursued aiming to optimise the use of energy in a plant, factory, office and other public spaces. The Company believes thats this business will grow very fast in Indonesia with the nest couple of years.